myerchin rigging knives

All you need to know about Myerchin UK Rigging Knives

An introduction. If you are a sailor, whether commercial or leisure this is aimed at you. We want to help you know all about the trusty tool on your belt or harness – your Rigging or Sailors knife.  It may just save your life one day. It will certainly make your life easier. Having not just any Rigging knife but one that matches your requirements.

You may have seen us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, visited our website or  made a purchase from us. We have decided that we will venture into the 21st Century and try a bit of blogging. Rigging Knives is what we are about. We are very proud of the Myerchin Range and what the brand has come to mean to sailors both commercial and leisure the world over. Our goal is quiet simply to be ‘your preferred Rigging Knife supplier’.

I guess I should start then by welcoming you to the Myerchin UK Blog. Over time we very much hope this will be a two-way experience. Ultimately, we would like to see it grow into a small focused blogging community but for now in line with ‘KISS’ principles we will stick to the introductions. For those of you who loath TLS’s! Sorry ‘Three Letter Acronyms’ KISS stands for ‘Keep it Simple Stupid’, something we very much aim to do.

We intend, as it stands to blog monthly but that will depend on what there is to say. There’s nothing worse than blogging for the sake of it. As my Grandfather would say “if you have nothing useful to say, say nothing at all”. Actually he had an alternative version for ‘killer put-downs’. “Better to allow those around you to believe you to be a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”. If only I had followed that principle at all times a good deal of situations could have been avoided.

What are we going to blog about?  It is and hopefully will continue to be a work in progress such that we can impart useful, interesting and varied information. Broadly speaking topics will include: –

  • Products
  • Maintenance of products
  • Pros and cons
  • Uses
  • Tips/hints
  • News
  • Events (both ours and of general interest)
  • About our customers and resellers.

Shared experience and best practice is so valuable. Therefore we really hope to receive an inflow of information from customers and resellers to include in the future.

So, by way of introduction; We are Myerchin UK and have existed since 2006. We are the Sole Agents of the Myerchin Rigging Knife range for Europe. A small company which started in Dorchester Dorset in the south of England. We remained there until July 2018 when we moved to our current site near Broadmayne (a village just outside Dorchester). We aim to blend customer focus and care with product knowledge to deliver a service that is becoming of the Myerchin Range.

Blog ‘Did you know’.  – The term “As the Crow Flies”, the most direct route from one place to another, comes from before modern navigational systems existed. British vessels customarily carried a cage of crows. These birds fly straight to the nearest land and when released at sea, thus indicating where the nearest land was.

Blog ‘Quote’. – “The good seaman weathers the storm he cannot avoid, and avoids the storm he cannot weather

In the next Blog we look forward to exploring the Myerchin Range but for now feel free to pop across to our website and have a browse. If you have any questions please feel free to drop us line, (email [email protected] , phone number +44 (0)1305 302304) or use our on-line chat.