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About the Myerchin Range – Fixed Blade

In this blog we will explore a little more in depth the features, advantages and disadvantages of the Fixed Blade. If you are a sailor, whether commercial or leisure this is aimed at you. We therefore want to help you know all about the trusty tool on your belt or harness. Your Rigging or Sailors knife. It may just save your life one day and will certainly make your life easier having not just any Rigging knife but one that matches your requirements. Consequently our goal is quite simply to be ‘your preferred Rigging Knife supplier’.

As mentioned in our initial Blog this one is going to introduce you to our ‘Range’. We aim to define the different products and to briefly explain the reasons behind and the advantages of the different features. Some features are strongly practical whilst others are all about the look and feel – the aesthetics. What goes without saying is that the ‘tool’ must do the job. But when it looks good too it is this that gives the Myerchin range the edge (pun fully intended) over our competitors.

The range falls into 3 categories – Fixed Blade, Folding Blade and Multi-Tool. Within these ranges there are other features to match the knife to your individual requirements. Below is a brief introduction of each type and in this blog we will explore the Fixed Blade in more depth.

  • Fixed Blade – simple, no working mechanism. Available with different material and colour handle ‘Scales’ and a ‘plain ground’ or ‘¾ serrated’ Sheep’s Foot blade. Additionally the fixed blade also comes with a Marlin Spike and leather sheath.
  • Folding Blade – easy to carry and deploy when needed. The Knife Body contains both the blade and Marlin Spike. Available with different material and colour handle ‘Scales’ and a ‘plain ground’ or ‘¾ serrated’ Sheep’s Foot blade. Provided with a nylon belt/harness sheath.
  • Multi-Tool – a simple economic knife/pliers solution. Available with 3 different colour aluminium handle ‘Scales’ Red, Blue & Silver. The ‘Sailors Tool’ has a short ‘¾ serrated’ blade and a Marlin Spike which doubles up as the lever handle to the pliers.

So that is what, but why? In this blog we will explore a little more in depth the features, advantages and disadvantages of the Fixed Blade.

Myerchin A100 Offshore System
Myerchin A100 Offshore System

Fixed Blade – A single piece of Pro-grade German Marine Stainless Steel from knife tip to the end of the tang. Quite simply there is nothing to fail. Two ‘Scales’ comfortably sandwiches the full length tang to provide a comfortable, practical, strong and ergonomic handle. The Myerchin Fixed Blade features a ‘Sheep’s Foot’ Blade tip. The Fixed Blade was the first ever Rigging Knife designed by John Myerchin and the classic lines can still be recognised in the G2 Fixed Blade of today.

Why a Fixed Blade – We see most fixed blades going out to those who regularly use a rigging knife, boat yards, professional boat crew and classic boat owners. Leisure sailors in the main prefer the more compact Folding Blade.

The knife is available to use by simply pulling out of its sheath and does not have to unfolded. Therefore the fixed blade (without any mechanism) used without abuse will not fail. The single full-length blade/tang provides maximum strength, the blade is the tang, the tang is the blade simple.

The fixed blade has a choice of 3 types of handle scales. Black G10, White G10 and Hard Wood.

  • The Black G10 is the most practical requiring little if any maintenance and being black hides any marking well.
  • The White G10 is equally resilient is less commercial in appearance but will show the odd mark.
  • The Hard Wood is the classic boat owner’s favourite, maintained with a wipe of oil from time to time it will retain all of its as new character. Left to age it will open the grain a little, shrink a little and give a weathered look that many love. The hard wood Scales look great with an individual’s scrimshaw carved in.
myerchin fixed blade knife w100
Myerchin Sheep’s Foot Blade

The fixed blade has a choice of two blade types. Plane Ground and ¾ Serrated. Again, it’s very much down to the individual’s intentions for the knife.

Common to both blades. The ‘Sheep’s Foot’ profile greatly reduces the likelihood of stabbing or puncturing anything with the tip. Both blades also feature a ridged section on the top of the blade for the thumb to grip when applying a pleasure. A handy Shackle key is provided towards the rear of the blade. For security the rear of the tang has a hole for a lanyard. Although the Lifetime Warranty is genuine but not if the knife is on the ocean bed!

The ¾ serrated (called the Pro-Blade). Ideal for that emergency situation when you need to get through a rope quickly. Kept sharp the serrations will swiftly cut through a rope (of all types) but everything has a compromise and the cut will not be the neatest. However the ¾ serrated blade has a ¼ of the blade that is plane ground for those neat cuts. The serrations require sharpening rods to maintain a keen cutting edge (the V100 sharpener is a good solution).

Myerchin serrated fixed blade knife
Myerchin W100P Offshore System

The plane ground blade. Contrastingly will provide a neat cut along its entire edge and have the advantage of ease of sharpening. Likewise, however the ability to ‘rip’ through a rope is not as good as the serrated blade.

Myerchin plain ground knife
Myerchin B100 Offshore System

The choice as they say is yours to make, therefore I hope the information on the Fixed Blade is of use in helping you with that choice. Pop arccos to our on-line shop and check out the Fixed Blade range

Blog ‘Did you know’ – The term “Above Board” comes from the age of Pirates who would often hide much of their crew below the deck. Ships that displayed crew openly on the deck were thought to be honest merchant ships known as “Above Board”.

Blog ‘Quote’ – “The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails

In the next Blog we look forward to exploring the Folding Blade Range in more depth. For now feel free to pop across to our website and have a browse. If you have any questions please feel free to drop us line. (email [email protected] , phone number +44 (0)1305 302304) or use our on-line chat.